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agile product developers.

We are a young but prospective and quickly growing company. We want to create amazing software solutions for you with the most trustworthy developers.

Read below how we do it

Step-by-step process

01 - Tell us what you need


What technologies?

When you run a project, you know what technologies and skills are the missing ones in your company. We need to get familiar with your expected tech-stack in order to go further.

What level?

You have to also specify what level of experience from the candidate you expect to.

Job seniority of our developers:

- Junior+/Medium Level - these people already have experience in working with external companies or running our internal projects and they are ready for new, even more challenging tasks. They can easily adapt to a specific company environment and effectively work within SCRUM methodology.

- Senior Level - our most viable specialists, they have been working on various clients' projects and have many years of experience.

  • 75%

    >2 years experience

  • 90%

    Team Work

  • 90%

    Experience with SCRUM

Time Estimation

And last but not least - we need to meet the time frame of your project. We will discuss when the development process is going to start and how long it is going to last. All these aspects will help us to prepare candidates’ profiles in the next step.

02 - We profile candidates for you



You get the resumes with all the skills, technology specialization and experience for your review. We prepare the thorough overviews of the profiles in order to present you the candidate as deeply as we can. We know how to work in a team. You will be introduced to a carefully selected team that can live up to your expectations.


Team 9


Frontend Developer

Marta has 2 years of experience in working on greenfield projects. She is responsible for developing frontend applications mainly with JavaScript and ReactJS. She has also strong knowledge about algorithms and DS.

  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Redux
  • Algorithms


Backend Developer

Senior developer with five years of professional software experience in Engineering. Advanced Python 3 knowledge, strong familiarity with Python-based web frameworks (Flask, Django) and good understanding of Linux on the server side are just only a few skills he has.

  • Python
  • Golang
  • Django
  • Flask
  • Docker
  • REST
  • API
  • Unit Testing


Project Manager

He is responsible for delivering projects withing a global environment. Widely skilled in managing and coordination end-to-end project activities. He has already been a leader in two professional IT projects. He knows very well his team-mates: Rafael & Marta, they have helped Devs-Mentoring start-up with translating ideas into products.

  • IT
  • PM
  • Scrum
  • Prince2
  • Risk Management
  • Team Leadership

03 - Interview


Meet and get to know
your future employee better

This is your time to check if the candidates are the right people you are looking for. Test their hard and soft skills and make sure they fully meet the project requirements.

talk to developers

04 - Make a decision!


This is the final countdown...

Now you can tell us if you are ready to hire the interviewed people. In case your expectations are not met by any of the candidates, we keep looking and go back to our recruitment process.

We will help
grow your

Cost accounting

We outsource specialists either for small or big projects. We know that you may not be sure about all the details of the final version of your project, so we work with two models of cost accounting. Time & material and fixed price are the ways of cost accounting that you can choose from.

Time & material
Fixed Price

Try & hire model

You lease an employee (or a team) from us and may hire them, even as a regular employee, or send them back to us if you conclude that cooperation should not be continued. Thanks to that, we provide flexible and easy to terminate cooperation.

Your success
is our priority

05 - Forms of cooperation


On the Devs-Hunting's Premises...

We support clients from all over the world, so our specialists can work remotely on the project. Devs-Hunting’s developers are experienced in such WoW and thanks to online communication tools and remote project management, contact with the clients is seamless.


On the client's premises

Depending on the needs, it is also possible to relocate our specialists and enable them to work at your office. However, you should know that our developers are mainly from Poland. If you are a foreign company, you should consider giving them a possibility to work remotely.