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Senior Developers that train new employees and prepare them for new challenges.


Ready to work for you in Team & Body Leasing.


People that we invest in and prepare to work for you.

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- Our Story

Our journey has started from the passion for training inexperienced but well promising future programmers. After having spent dozens of hours with our trainees, we found out that we can build a great community of ambitious programmers. Thanks to the experience of our mentors, we are able to train newbies to Junior+, Mid and Senior programming level. Thanks to that, our clients have possiblity to cooperate with highly skilled specialists.


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Our motivation

We want to actively support our clients’ business development and release our developers' potential by outsourcing them to your in-house projects. We strongly focus on Agile development, teamwork and guaranteeing specialists with a wide range of skills.

For Developers
- How to join?

If you want to become a professional programmer individually trained by our specialists, we can make your dream come true. Show us your potential and join the Devs-Mentoring programme. As soon as we get to know you and develop your competencies, we will help you to work on professional IT projects.

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